VIDEO: The real truth about night clubs in Jeddah and Madina, Saudia Arabia

The stories of Saudi Arabia having night clubs have been circulating around the world especially in Africa where Muslims in this part of the world seems to wonder why the Arabs who should be the protectors of Islam bring such a Haram venture to the centre of Saudi Arabia, the Holy Land.

The rumors has it that, the night clubs were in Madina and Mecca but that is NEVER True. The facts of the matter are very simple; On June 13th 2019, the world saw some Saudi Arabia business men open the country’s first-ever “halal” nightclub, in the coastal city of Jeddah.

The venue which was supposed to be ‘Halal’ disco, allowed men and women to dance in the same venue. US singer Ne-Yo was going to perform in the opening night on Thursday, according to the White Saudi Arabia Facebook page advertising the event. As per the ad, the club’s opening times would be between 10pm and 3am, with tickets priced between 500-1,000 Saudi riyals, or $133-$266.

2 hours later after the club was launched and opened, Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) was quoted as saying that the venue – referred to as Project X – did not receive the necessary license to operate.

The local authorities on immediately closed it down and began an investigation.

In a statement posted on its official Twitter account, the GEA announced the opening of an immediate investigation into videos circulating online that was seemingly showing the inside of the venue.

“According to information provided, the event was in violation of the legal procedure and regulations and was not authorized by the body. The GEA had originally issued a license for another event. Its contractor then took advantage of an extension of that license to commit these serious and unacceptable violations,” the statement read.

Others had scoffed at the idea of a “halal nightclub”, calling it an oxymoron, despite the venue being touted by its apparent organisers as an alcohol-free club. Several reports had said that photography would be strictly prohibited inside the venue, as well as revellers under the age of 18.

Online videos of performances that took place in the venue a day before were also brought to the GEA’s attention. The videos showed men and women dancing in public. Another video had a woman explaining the set-up of the club, with a ‘halal bar’ and ‘shisha’ that ranged from SR 370-500 Saudi riyals.

The development comes just before US-based singer Ne-Yo was scheduled to make headlines at the club’s grand opening during the waterfront festival in Jeddah on Thursday. The venue was reportedly a branch of the White brand, which also has clubs in Dubai and Beirut.

The opening drew a wide range of reactions on social media, with some users applauding it as part of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s reform plan to modernize the conservative kingdom, despite a severe crackdown on activists and human rights defenders, reported Al Jazeera.

Meanwhile, others laughed at the idea of a “halal nightclub,” calling it an oxymoron, despite the venue being touted by its apparent organizers as an alcohol-free club.

So the rumors were not true, night clubs existed in saudi arabia for just 2 hours in june, 2019 in Jeddah. There was no night club in Madina or Mecca. Since the shutdown, no night clubs have been opened in Saudi again.


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