Heavy protest in Tripura as Students Wearing Hijab Denied Entry to School

The hijab controversy in India’s Karnataka now casts a shadow on Narendra Modi’s BJP-ruled Tripura. There has been a complaint that Muslim girls wearing hijabs were not allowed to enter a school in Vishalgarh of the state. In this incident, other students were also beaten up for standing by the students.

Various Indian media have confirmed this matter. The media reported that the Koryimura area of Vishalgarh in Tripura is a minority-populated area. Most of the students of ‘Koryimura 12th Class School’ in this area belong to the minority community. Most of the girls of this school go to school wearing hijab. But a few days ago, Vishwa Hindu Parishad in this school demanded a ban on wearing hijab.

In view of the application of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the school authorities have not issued any guidelines on this matter, but the teachers have unannouncedly banned the girls from wearing the hijab. The school authorities have verbally ordered the girls not to wear hijab.

Meanwhile, some outsider youths suddenly prevented the girls wearing hijabs from entering the school on Friday. Those youths are workers of Vishwa Hindu Parishad. When they stopped the students wearing hijab, some students of the school stood by them and protested the incident. One of the students was physically assaulted by those youths. Due to this, the school premises became very hot.

Parents along with students of the school blocked the road in front of the school. The question is, there is no official ban on hijab in schools. The Education Department has not issued any instructions to the schools in this regard. So on what basis were the hijab parihita students barred? The headmaster of the school could not give any clear answer in this regard.

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