Building too many mosques in Ghana a very “useless” agenda – Sheikh Anas Tawfik

    Popular Muslim Scholar based in Kumasi in Ghana who is leader of Darul Hadith Sheikh Anas Tawfik Ibrahim Bakri has condemned the building of what he says is “too many Mosques” by Muslims in Ghana not to serve Allah, as should be the case, but is because of sectarian competition.

    In a recent facebook LIVE video, Sheikh Anas said building mosques is not forbidden but the aim and mission making the building of mosques in Ghana going up is because of sectarian competition and supremacy.

    He is therefore admonishing Muslims in Ghana to desist from the practice of building Mosques that are not necessary especially in close proximity to one another when one Mosque will suffice.

    Sheikh Anas said one Mosque should be fully occupied on daily basis by the residents before building another one far away from the existing one.

    He added that building too many Mosques is a sign of the end times.

    “The prophet Mohammed P.B.U.H said if you see some of these things, it is the sign of the end time and it is we the Ahaalisunnah that are doing this and not the Tareeka. I swear by Allah it is bidi’aa”.