Ghetto Chief Imam

I find myself on the internet trying to connect with people creating good memories, spreading knowledge and having a good time in this life. I do spoken word which i call lyrical dawah because I preach to the Muslim Ummah, I do vlogs on my channel, I offer technology tutorials and services and most importantly, I donate to the needy, poor and persons living with disability.

My life is simply humanity at heart and giving has been my primary goal in life that is to see everyone happy by sharing. Join me on my journey. Follow my pages, subscribe to my channel and enjoy the ride.


Africa's Ghetto Chief Imam

Jamar Jargo is a Content creator, Islamic Spoken Word Art and Philanthropist from Kumasi, Ghana. He creates content on the internet mostly Islamic and He calls his spoken word “lyrical dawah”, an alternate way of using entertainment to preach to the Muslim youth and the entire world about Islam and Life hence his title “Ghetto Chief Imam”. The “Lyrical Dawah” is a combination of messages from the Quran, Hadith, and Realities in society to make dawah on Halal Backgrounds.

Jamar Jargo was previously a rapper and Artiste Manager in 2014 working with Kofi Jamar and J Bixil but he quit that path and started recording dawah. His new journey began with a simple dream, to show the world the beauty of Islam, clear misconceptions about the religion, and address major islamic issues in the society through his spoken word. Jamar Jargo is a strong advocate for voice-only nasheeds or Daf accompanied instrumentals.

His debut single called ‘Deen Over Duniya’ was released in June 2019 a cover to Muslim Belal’s Nation of Ignorance.

The debut single was received warmly around the world with several streams on digital stores. Jamar Jargo is a strong YouTuber focused on creating content on Islam, Technology and Africa whiles delivering Halal entertainment.

He is keen on changing the society with relevant YouTube videos and very keen on clearing the misconceptions about Islam to Non-Muslims Globally and also helping to keep the Ghanaian Muslim youth in Islam.

He has thousands of followers across his social media platforms. His lyrical approach to Dawah, cinematic videos has made him one of the most promising Muslim influencers online in Africa. He is gradually proving himself worthy of the title “Ghetto Chief Imam”.

Aside from creating content, Jamar Jargo has a foundation helping the needy and persons living with disabilities in Ghana. He has made several donations and a few projects with the aim of curbing poverty among persons living with disability and the needy in Ghana.

Jamar Jargo also provides technology services and student migration solutions to Ghanaians.



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