Born Nkrumah Candela Yusif in real life in Kumasi, Ghana. Jamar Jargo is young african muslim who is trying to change the narratives and perception about Islam same time provided alternative entertainment for Muslims around the Globe.

He does Halal Music which he call lyrical dawah where he preach Islam and social issues on instrumental recommended as halal. These instrumentals are 100% made by the mouth and the use of the daf.

Jamar Jargo is also a YouTube and Blogger with his content covering the African Muslim livelihood. He also has a foundation where they help people living disabilities to find better lives and live their dreams.

Nkrumah Candela Yusif went to Kumasi Anglican SHS in Kumasi for his high school educated and studied BSc Information Technology at the University of Education, Winneba – Kumasi Campus. Upon graduating, he set up an I.T company “Jargo House Inc” where they develop websites, mobile applications and shoot ads for brands and companies. Jargo House was set up in 2020 and by 2021 he had added the lyrical dawah and Blogging journey making it his long dreamt career.

He got the name “Ghetto Chief Imam” from his friends due to his balance life of Islam and New school generation lifestyle. Preaching Islam and rapping at the same earned him that title.

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